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Black Marble


HipHop Rap Artist

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Trady, the rebellious wordsmith hailing from Billingham, Teesside, brings a unique blend of rap and singing to the scene. By day, he crafts instruments with precision, but by night, he's the black sheep of the music world. His debut album, "October 17th," boasts a diss track featuring the legendary Bizarre from D12. Known for controversial lyrics, Trady fearlessly embraces the role of a provocateur.


Diversifying his sound, Trady's second album, "No Longer the Angry Blonde," takes a bold leap into pop punk rock rap. His track "Exit" earned the coveted title of BBC Introducing's Track of the Week, showcasing his undeniable talent. Beyond the mic, Trady is a key player at Middlesbrough's StigmaGroup studio, where he continues to shape the sound of tomorrow. Embrace the rebellion with Trady.

From Billingham, Teesside (North East of England)


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