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Black Marble


Post-Punk Band

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Formed in 2023, Swallowtail blends the fuzzy noise of shoegaze with post-punk melodies. Originating as an acoustic duo named 'Smokey Penny,' the band swiftly evolved into a 4-piece outfit, commencing rehearsals and songwriting. Over a few months, Swallowtail immersed themselves in experimenting with effects structures and perspectives, crafting a set of original songs and soon entering the East Midlands music scene. Notable gigs included supporting bands like 'Cages for Preachers' at Nottingham's Rough Trade and Ireland's 'Wynona Bleach' at The Angel Microbrewery. Towards the year's end, they showcased their sound at Nottingham's Hockley Hustle festival and ventured south to Amersham, playing Pennfest's 'Up and Coming' Stage. The persistent post-gig question, "Do you guys have anything released?" drove them into the studio. The outcome is their debut single, 'Spring Guillotine,' receiving a outstanding review on BBC Introducing East Midlands 24 hours after release “Imagine that Live!”.

Spring GuillotineSwallowtail
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