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Supersonic Boy

Power Pop/Rock Artist

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Tom Claudet is a twenty year old artist from Perpignan, South of France, who has

been doing music for four years now, under the name of Supersonic Boy. He

started writing his own songs in 2020, and released a lot of demos, singles and

EP’s during the three past years. His last record, Welcome To The Underground, is

a nine track album which was composed and recorded between August and

November 2023. This album is out now on all streaming platforms, and it is also

available on vinyl.

Tom is mainly influenced by indie rock, punk and britpop. His favorite artists are

Oasis, Jake Bugg, Fontaines D.C, The Clash, The Smiths… All his songs are

recorded in his bedroom, with a little bit of material : he plays all the guitar/bass

parts, does the vocals, and programs the drums on his computer. Tom is always

very inspired and productive, as he already planned the release of a new single,

The Brain, which is be a cover of « Le Cerveau » main theme, a famous French

movie from the sixties.

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