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 Alternative rock/ Shoegaze Band

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We are Skeeve and we are a "shoegaze-inspired" alternative rock band from Derby. We consist of four college friends studying music who decided to make music together because what else are you gonna do? To give you an idea of the band, we put our two best guitarists on drums and bass, but hey, all good popular music needs a good rhythm section. We like to play our music loud and slightly illegible, but we are all very passionate about the music we make.

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Whiskey Skeeve.
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I'm Santino, or Tino and I'm the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Skeeve. I've been playing guitar for about 5 years fully self-taught, but I make do with what few things Iknow. All that matters is that I enjoy playing and I really do. Also, I don't think we're half bad. As long as I can stand up on that stage and look pretty, the other boys should be able to carry me.

I’m Brandon, the guy at the back behind the kit. I do music at college with the

others and have sorta gained the role of tech guy, transport and producer for gigs

and demos. Trained  as a guitarist but plonked behind a drumkit. Still fun as hell!

I’m Will, bassist for Skeeve. Since the band didn’t want a 3rd guitarist, I thought I’d

give the 4 strings a go and it turns out… It’s actually not that bad! Apart from

making goofy basslines I primarily help organise the gigs so we can get off our

butts off the sofa and play music for people who enjoy our sound and have a blast!

Hiya it's Rin the lead guitarist from skeeve. I met the guys in college and what can

I say, I can't imagine a world without ‘em. Doing gigs is the best feeling ever,

especially with three other guys that push me to be better every day. I can be a

goof at times, but they know I always pull through in the end and so does the

audience. Being in skeeve is what I like to call a "unique" experience and my only

regret Is that I'll never be able to see us play live for myself.

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