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Started playing instruments when I was 10 years old. Started a little cover band with my brother when I was 12 and only performed for our family members(we have a pretty big family so it was a lot of people) at the age of 15 I started producing my own music and started learning how to create lyrics. At 18, I dropped my first album titled “SCOUT1”. The same year I also dropped a slowcore EP titled “WHEN THE LEAVES FALL”. This year I dropped another EP titled “LOW QUAL AND GARBO” which is a pile of low quality stuff that I’ve produced and just sat in my storage. Now at 19 years old, I’m dropping my new album called DRAMA IN THE ORDINARY which is heavily inspired by tv girl. From the use of synthesizers to the use of acoustic instruments and ETC, this album I’ve spent so much time on is finally out and I can’t wait for you to hear it. 

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