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Pop Punk Band

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Members - Joel (Singer), Jake (Guitar), Thurein (Guitar), Luke (Drummer)


Where are we From - Band is based in Essex but individually we are based in London, Colchester and Sudbury.


Description - rosary. is an Essex-based pop punk/emo band formed in 2021. Inspired by bands like The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Title Fight, Neck Deep, they have created a captivating sound that combines catchy melodies and hard-hitting instrumentals.

Driven by their passion for connecting with their audience, rosary. crafts a high-energy and engaging atmospheres through their music. Their lyrics explore themes of self-discovery, growth, and navigating life's ups and downs, allowing fans to connect and relate on a deep level. With a dedication to their craft, rosary. delivers electrifying live performances and meticulously crafted studio recordings, showcasing their raw and genuine approach. Their music is an emotional catharsis that leaves a lasting impact.

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