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Romy and The RAHD's

Alternative Pop Band

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Romy and The RHADs are an Exciting, New, Original, Indie Band emerging from Nottingham in the UK.

The Band’s made up of Four Teenagers: Romy (Lead vocals, Guitar), Hayden (Lead Guitar), Ali (Drums), and Dom (Bass).

Romy: As a solo singer songwriter and performer, she has been described as an Artist to watch in 2024 by Dean Jackson (BBC Introducing). Many of her songs have received Radio Airplay in the UK and Internationally. In 2023 she was the youngest person to ever receive a nomination by Radio Wigwam for their  ‘Best Female Artist’ category.

Hayden: The Lead guitarist who puts together the most astonishing solo’s. Heavily influenced by Randy Rhoads, Hayden has developed a style of playing that has not been seen before. He learnt all his tricks from Simon Lloyd and Phil Alwood. Hayden plays a Les Paul custom and will more than likely continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Ali: The drummer in the band has been having lessons from tops Session Player Steve Farmer at the Drum Farm since he was just 7 years old and he is now exploding onto the live scene with rhythms and feels of his own. He has just written his first song specifically for the band with Romy providing lyrics and a melody. Ali is a hard hitter and plays a Vintage 1968 Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit in the studio and a punchy modern Mapex kit live.

Dom: Dom is the eldest of the group, he is a bassist through and through, solidly holding down the bottom end of the band’s sound with his 1989 Fireglo Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar. Dom also brings a certain energy and movement to the group and can also be heard providing a backing vocal.

Their original music is an eclectic mix of Rock Pop, Punk Pop, Alt Pop, Grunge Pop. They write what they like and have a mash up of influences. It’s tricky to pigeon hole their music, for sure though, your Ear worm will have a workout!

In January 2024, ‘Saltbox Presents’ said of them, “We’ve seen the likes of ‘Romy and The RHADs’ play the first of what we’re sure will be multiple stand out shows in the City.”

Looking forward, Romy and The RHADs can’t wait to play for you at a number of upcoming gigs/festivals including ‘The Eyes Have It’, ‘Radfest’, ‘Belper Nailed It’ and Nottingham’s ‘Dot To Dot’ to name a few.

Their debut single ‘Abomination’ will be released in May 2024 and you can follow them on Instagram @romy­_andtherhads

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