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Black Marble
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Afro Artist

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I’m here to be the water within music, creating for the in between, the unspoken and the unheard. I'm Producer and Artist developing myself in Nottingham, being born and raised in Germany and am of Ghanaian descent. My interest in Music starting from watching my Father create his own music on Fruity Loops and being constantly around Highlife music as child helped me hone my ear for music. 


 After moving from Germany to the UK I found myself exposed to a whole new culture both socially and musically! Discovering genres like Grime anf Funky House. The aggressive style of Grime helped me almost find missing tools to expressing myself. I knew I was on to something when I produced a Grime song called Signature that ended up being remixed all over the midlands. 


I have worked with Artists such as Young T & Bugsey, Skeete & HEX seeing their successes has helped motivate md further into pushing. Leading me to where I am now, having tunes with Artists such as the late Costa Titch and many more!

I was born in Germany, parents Ghanaian, living in Nottingham, UK

Riddla - Lil Max
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