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Black Marble

Mutual Blue

Indie Rock Band

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“Thinking of you, Love from your mutual blue”; was  the inscription found pencelled on the back of a Curtis Mayfield record that started Mutual Blue.


Objecting to the heavy rock and punk bands plaguing their local scene Mutual Blue are bringing the focus back to what really matters to them; beautiful songs, cutting lyricism and a refreshing sincerity, all wrapped up in chorus drenched guitars.


Citing The Smiths, The Stone Roses and Ride as their heart on sleeve influences they’ve stamped their electric live show across london at classic indie venues like the The Old Blue Last, The Half Moon in Putney and the O2 Academy Islington to buzzing crowds. 


Their debut releases EP “Wake Me Up Tomorrow” and single “Habit of Him” have achieved over 50,000 and 75,000 streams respectively and 2023’s live album “Can You Hear Me Now?” brought their raw, live sound to online audiences like no band in their first year together has. With their newest single “She Plays For Time” Mutual Blue are stepping into a new direction of their sound and identity as a band.


Mutual Blue are Jack, Ed, Peter and Aidan x

She Plays For Time Mutual Blue
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