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Reggae/Jungle Artist

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Lemar Campbell a.k.a (Malchijah/The Juvenizah) is an aspiring music producer, multi-Instrumentalist, and Rastafarian singer/songwriter/rapper musician born in the southeast England but grew up and spent the majority of his life in the East Midlands, coming straight from the Clifton borough in Nottingham. He began songwriting at the early age of 5, following his musical influences like Capleton (his alltime musicial father), Sizzla, Turbulence, Burning Spear, Culture and many more. Eventually, he would enhance his skills even further by teaching himself music production and produces beats with a melodic nature and of any kind such as dub reggae, hip-hop, lo-fi, boom bap, vaporwave, synthwave, etc. When it comes to instrumentation, he never shies to implement his rhythmic elements regardless of the genre, even without hook, many could argue that any song he produces is still regarded as “catchy”. His raw and “remarkable” flow is what captures the minds of many and often throws certain individuals off mentally, Nevertheless, he consistently conveys a positive message through his wordplay and lyrical content, sharing his opinions on various issues—such as the cost of living, racism, police brutality, ghetto lifestyles, and many others—and incorporating Rastafari themes into the mix.

Battle Ready (Send Mi Di Fire)Malchija
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