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Black Marble


Punk Artist

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Onstage and on media I go by ŁËX (pronounced lex - it just looks cool), I'm a solo artist from Stratford-upon-Avon, warwickshire who plays with a full 4 piece conventional live punk band. It's hard to put my genre into a box because I'm very flexible but in a word, I'm overall alternative. I prominently write rock songs whether it's 2000s ballad or straight punk, however I have dabbled in a couple trap metal tracks with my release "JADED"

ŁËX is how you interpret him. ŁËX is the escape you couldn't find but also the loneliness that never left. He is a spitting image conflicting self identity whilst being the b'''''' child of everything wrong and right with the world. This duality is demonstrated in the pure range of musical ability. Whether its the dark atmosphere of trap metal rooted tracks like JADED and I SEE GHOSTS or the raunching power chord anthems like LIPS and LOVE ME, ŁËX represents the true charismatic embodiment of what it is like to be truly like to be an outsider. The spitting image of alternative - To not conform to one style or genre. To challenge and dare to feel. To be sad. To be happy. He is an expression


ŁËX dares to step outside of the brackets and produce whatever he wants to, when he wants to, because he wants to. ŁËX is potentially an artist you didn't know you needed.... but you do now. Do you dare to feel?"

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