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Issy Sultan

Rock n' Roll Artist

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I am an aspiring singer-songwriter and a musician who has loved music for many years.


Music has always been a companion as well as a passion, and what good way to show this is by sharing with the world my work produced and written by me.

I am also involved with acting, and as well as music this is something I also want to pursue in.


If I can remember correctly, I think the first time I was involved with music was back in primary school. I had joined the choir and for the first time i had a feel for what was going to happen for the rest of my life.

I knew immediately that this is what I would pursue in life.

Fast forward to the end of primary school, I recorded a few songs for my leavers assembly in 2016 and heard a lot of great things about it. I made tears and I made smiles.


Phil Reynolds, an amazing musician and teacher who helped me with a lot of things back then, spent a lot of his time with me recording songs, and performing them in front of a school audience.

He knew exactly what I wanted to do and guided me through the steps of my career before I even knew I was going to head this way in my life.

I am forever grateful for Phil’s help, and I hope he is doing well (you legend)!



Fast forward to college…


It was the moment until I started college that my passion for music grew to the point where I couldn’t go back.

I am stuck with music for the rest of my life.

I’ve met extraordinary musicians to this day who have supported me and helped me through times of trouble.

Since November 2021, I’ve been working on one song which would bring me to new heights in the world of music.

This song was not just a pain in my backside, but a love letter to this special someone I would want to spend my time with once the sun goes down.


Since May 2022, I’ve been performing at one of the most popular venues in Manchester ~ Band on the Wall.

This was an exciting opportunity for me to go crazy in front of a wild crowd. I’ve performed wonders, made people cry, and I’ve made people smile.

I have performed 7 times there, and on the 4th of March (2024) I performed there for the very last time.


Although it isn’t the very last time…

…because I am going to perform wonders at a place where no one could’ve predicted or imagined.


This is just the beginning (the way I see it).

There are lot of things to look forward to and I want you to join me on this journey. Nothing would be possible without YOU.

The things I do this world is not just for me.

It’s a gift to you.

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