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Black Marble
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" started my musical career casually, making tunes in the back of the class on an old school laptop that I was given, I remember people in my year were experimenting with DAWs and finding ways to make music and I always thought it was a bit dumb back then, but how the tables turn, I never really thought I'd make it this far as this as is my 11th year of making tunes on and off and I'm very proud of what I have achieved so far, I got a few songs signed back in 2017-2020 and decided it was best for me to go independent as I could control when people saw and how they heard my stuff.


I studied music production and all the crap that came with it at Bournemouth University (I RECOMMEND THE UNI). Still, I'm glad I did study it as I was close not to. I met amazing like-minded people that helped me gain ideas and inspo for my eventual mysterious sound (I make things and I don't know where it comes from half the time, I have a method of s""""""" out whatever is in my head into my computer and somehow it sounds decent lmao.)


I'm just a bloke at the end of the day."

La PusinaHelgon
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