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Black Marble

Harley Rogers

Metal Guitarist

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Harley Rogers is a musician from Derbyshire whose first album, "Solace" has accumulated over 70k streams from listeners worldwide since January 2023. His style ranges from gentle instrumentals to heavy ballads. Rogers is renowned for his expansive collection of guitars, and prides himself with the wide variety of sounds he has at his disposal. Rogers has been part of other metal projects such as: "Duke of Death", "The Moonstruck Division" and "Psychologise", to name but a few. Rogers has been known to tease fans with hidden mysteries such as Keys and the "Bunny" logo, within the artwork for his albums. He has stated that fans should keep a close eye on the album covers, as a story will begin to emerge down the line, and that those who seek will be rewarded. More Recently, Rogers has also been part of an underground band called "Violet Roach". Whose music ranges from EDM to Deep Grunge.

March of the ZygotesHarley Rogers
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