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Black Marble

Crowned Hyenas

Alternative Rock band

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We are Crowned Hyenas, a 3 piece Alt-Rock band hailing from the East of England, UK. Originally formed in late 2021, we have been refining and experimenting with our sound for 2 years to combine our individual influences to create an impactful, dark yet catchy sound that has crowds up and down the country screaming or jumping along. With a large body of work now successfully recored and set to be released over the coming year, we now turn our attention to further improving our live show and gigging anywhere and everywhere we can.

“With frets to light up the night, these guys are the heavy rock equivalent of a bar fight, just dive in and ask questions later” -

The Hyena pack is made up of 

Matt Argyle: bass and vocals

Charlie King: lead guitar 

Alex Jackson: drums and backing vocals

Thick As ThievesCrowned Hyenas
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