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Black Marble

Charlie Louis Rogers

Blues Rock Artist

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- Charlie Louis Rogers is a 17 year old

Musician from England.


Music has been his foremost passion since the age of 3 years old, playing a vast role in his upbringing. 


After deciding he wanted to pursue music, he began directing all of his

attention to the guitar during lockdown of 2020. Thus leading to him creating his own music and uploading music videos onto his social media.


He has recently collaborated with Ethan Ashby on "Somewhere I Can Go", they are currently working on new music together, follow @imethanashby on Instagram for updates too.


He has achieved a diploma in music and entrepreneurship, has experience playing live in front of audiences, and performing sessions at various venues.


His music is of a very unique style, as he strives for individuality in his music, pairing a mixture of ambient, blues, rock, and LoFI to make his own relaxing, inspirational genre.

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