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Black Marble

C Hayez

HipHop Emo Rap Artist

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I am an Alternative Hip-hop/Emo Rap artist who vents his personal struggles with love and mental health through his hard hitting, passionate music, music is my therapy and I make sure during every song and every performance you feel every ounce of emotion coming through that mic, you could also describe me as "Sad Boi Go Brrrr"


Always known to stand out for my passionate, Crowd engaging performances ever since my very first at Belper School in 2015! I've accomplished more with my music than I ever thought I would! I have performed at the YNOT Festival in 2019, as well as 4 Consecutive years of Off The Tracks Festival! Big stages such as Metronome, Radfest, Belper Games and many more


I have recorded and Released 3 Albums! "A Letter To Me" (2019), "Vibe Check" (2021) and my most recent release "Heartbreak In Album Form" from December 2023 which features the breakout single "I Don't Wanna Feel Anything Anymore, I Wanna Feel Numb"

On YouTube you can find music videos for 2 crowd favourite songs off my First & Third albums "A Letter For The Divine" & "Halo"


In 2023 I set a personal goal for myself to release a song every month which I succeeded in doing! Fan favourite songs such as "Who's Ya?" (ft B-tica-C), "RUN!" (ft Lil Percoskett) & "If You Don't Love Me" (ft Saskia Searle) as well as that I had the best gigging experiences of my life, crowds singing the choruses to my songs "Phoenix (Don't Let Me Down", "Failure" and so many more, with my 4th album in the works, a partnership with Drawpakk and gigs lined up, my goal this year is to double all the successes of the last

A Letter For The Divine C Hayez
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