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Ben Obi

Pop Artist

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My music is for escapism. There is lots of meaning behind the words that I say, with subjects covered such as mental health - the struggles of living with Bi-polar, love and heartbreak and getting through the day with relatable lyrics that can hopefully speak to a whole range of audiences. I have been gigging for a while, doing shows in Birmingham, Banbury and most recently putting on my own event in Worcester with other local artists. My last performance was for BBC 4’s Loose ends. My music is introspective with a narrative about facing each day as it comes and the challenges that come up in normal life. I strive to find similarities between people and their experiences to connect with others through music and bring us closer, with empathy and compassion. It is a mix of UK HipHop, Lofi and influences from acoustic indie. This has allowed me to really create my own lane and individual sound.


I’m from Worcester - UK. 

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