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Indie Rock/Punk Band

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Dan, Jake, Mac and James formed Atakarma in Sheffield in 2023. Their sound is heavily influenced by Indie-Rock and Grunge, with lyrical influences from the Punk movement and melodic solos inspired by different genres from Blues-fusion to Metal. They address discourse and relatable social difficulties they’ve tackled in their lives. With their first single released, an EP coming out soon, another EP in the works and supporting/headlining gigs around Sheffield, they hope to expand their horizons to larger audiences. Big Condo Records – “The performance was electric and the music was fantastic.”

Atakarma was founded by members from various areas in the UK. They started jamming together in 2023 in Hybrid 3 studios in Sheffield where it was apparent that they had great chemistry when playing together and a keen ability to utilise their varying influences in their songwriting. Dan on lead vocals and rhythm guitar is influenced by the likes of The Black Keys and Kasabian. Jake on Lead guitar is influenced by guitar heroes like Steve Vai and Rory Gallagher. James is influenced by great bassists such as Geddy Lee and Duff McKagan. Mac is influenced by creative drummers including Taylor McFerrin and Robohands.

In the first 6 months of their career, they played open mic nights in Sheffield, quickly developing a taste for playing live music and an appetite to play full sets at gigs. Within this time they’ve managed to support The Glass Skies at Record Junkee, Good Damage and South Breath in the Washington and had a featured artist slot in the Green Room.

Their first EP is available now on all streaming platforms. Future gigs in Sheffield include a battle of the bands for chairty at The Hallamshire Hotel on Friday 24th May, Headlining the Green Room on Tuesday 28th May, Headlining Indie-Go Resurrection on Saturday 1st June, a festival hoested by Big Condo Records in Liverpool on Saturday 8th June and finally headlining their own gig on Thursday 13th June at the Hallamshire Hotel in Sheffield... Many more gigs and event to follow!

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