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Black Marble


UK Alternative Rap Artist

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Artinho, a North London native now in Dover, blends alternative rap, electro, and hip-hop, drawing inspiration from musical legends like Michael Jackson and Skepta. With over 1000 + radio plays, including BBC Introducing Kent, his impact is felt through collaborations like "FURY" and "FATE" with Matrace. The most streamed "This Is" showcases his evolving craft, while "No Stress" (2020), produced by Illic, adds to his captivating repertoire. An underground artist pushing boundaries, Artinho's versatility and authenticity attract dedicated fans who appreciate his innovative sound.


2024 is just the start for Artinho, already dropping his razor edged track ‘Solid’ and alongside his black and white music video.

Once again he showcases his deft vocal talent and lyrical panache.

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